Chris Yonker Executive consultant/coach

I have been working with Jim for several years now. He has become my exclusive go-to for dress apparel. Not only does he have access to a robust selection, but he also has great intuition regarding what will work best for my frame, build, and personality. He is much more a fashion consultant than someone who merely provides access to custom tailored clothing.

Justin Barnes General Manager

Jim makes it easy to look good.  He’s an absolute expert in fine clothing and his process is as fun as it is professional.  Whether you have a closet full of suits or are new to custom tailoring like myself, highly recommend Jim and Regan Clothiers for your next wardrobe enhancement.

Rich Sepe Director of Sales

I recently purchased my first suit from Jim and I could not be happier with the results.  I have in the past purchased custom-made suits from Nordstrom and another local men’s clothing store, as well as “off the rack” suits from Nordstrom and Joseph A Banks.   I am not an “easy fit” and even my custom-made suits never felt or looked quite right. 

I was referred to Jim by a friend who has been Regan customer for several years and always has a great wardrobe.  Jim was fantastic, very consultative and asking many questions on my work, preferences on colors and styles, and offering tips that I found very informative (no wallet in back pocket!).  He spent a considerable amount of time on “the fit” and measurements, and details such as button hole highlighting, lapels and other intricacies that frankly I never gave much thought too.  Probably my favorite part of the process, and a true differentiator of a Regan-made suit – was selecting the liner.  Wow, what a difference a personalized liner makes in a suit. 

The end product is utterly fantastic – it looks and feels awesome and the fine detail, such as the liner in the pants, is better than any suit I have purchased.   And the best part, my Regan suit was not a budget-buster at all, very competitive with the department stores and frankly, a much better suit.

I will definitely recommend Regan Clothiers to my friends and hope to buy additional suits and shirts in the future. 

Larry Roberts Area Director

Jim is incredibly knowledgeable about clothing styles that align to your profession and lifestyle.  He carries such a wide assortment of materials and price points to fit your budget he makes shopping for special clothes very easy.

Jeff Lynch

Regan Clothiers…………..”the fit, competitive pricing, and convenience. I’m not much of a shopper but if I don’t have to leave my office for a new suit of clothes, why would I buy them anywhere else”

Rich Thompson

Working with Jim is amazing…Great selection of fabrics and the end result is the best.  Jim is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable & it’s a pleasure to work with him.  I have referred co-workers who have had similar results.  I highly recommend Regan clothiers.

Chris Adams, Asset Management

Jim has good style and good business sense.  He makes great recommendations for overall wardrobe concepts or the littlest details that are well received every time I wear his threads.  Better yet, I have gotten the impression he’s my personal shopping assistant, always ready to drop everything to help me when I, “need this fixed In 24 hours.”  Trustworthy, personable, tasteful, overall I have very much enjoyed my experience.

John Fairbanks – Manager, Special Projects

Jim has a great deal of style knowledge and experience dealing with Large Men (for example the Patriots).  I have an 9 inch drop from my suit coat to my pants so the bespoke suit fits me the best.   On top of this he meets me at work, can guide me through style selections that are current and the fabrics are beautiful.  Jim is a quality professional approved by a Quality professional.

Christopher L Russo Esquire, Managing Partner

Jim will make your experience comfortable, exciting and fun. He will come to YOU! He makes efficient use of your time but is flexible. You can take as much time or as little time as you want. We’ve spent more time talking about life than clothes – he does become your friend. You will not find someone who is more passionate or excited about what he does. And he wants to figure out WHAT YOU WANT not what he wants. He will not push anything on you that you don’t want. There are probably thousands more items available than I have ever asked about and he does not push them. I would not and have not hesitated to refer my friends and colleagues to Jim.

Edward F. McAuliffe, CRPC®

What has pleased you the most about working with Regan Clothiers?
Jim’s sincere interest in making sure that his customer is happy, his enthusiasm for his product and your comfort and his confidence that he will do a great job for you.

What is your favorite part of working with Jim?
Great attitude, good listener, he isn’t pushing product.  He sincerely wants you to love his product as opposed to “sell you something”.

Would you recommend us to your friends, and if so, what would you say?
I have already referred Jim to two friends (he was referred to me).  I say what Freddy said to me:  “Go to my guy, he’s the best,  I reach for his suits first every morning”.

Michael D. Abbott

First of I wanted to say I am not a testimonial kind of guy, with that said, I felt compelled to comment.
I can’t speak enough of the attention to detail from you Jim,  I know I’m not the easiest guy to fit ,  but MAN you do a fantastic job !

Over the years even if something wasn’t quite right you made it right!

I highly recommend your services from the striving to succeed to the most successful and anyone in between. 

Thank you for your years of service SIR!