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Why Custom Shirts are Worth the Investment

A Publication of Regan Clothiers, Ltd.
October 2009

When acquiring shirts most people are primarily concerned with six criteria:

  1. Fit
  2. Style
  3. Selection
  4. Quality
  5. Consistency
  6. Convenience

Making a shirt purchase is a very personal value judgment.  The priority should be to receive the maximum benefit in terms of value and enjoyment for each dollar spent.  To us, the difference is between that of an investment and an expense.  Here are the main advantages of custom-made shirts as a guide to assist you in making a wise decision and investment with your "shirt dollar".  When you compare the advantages of custom shirts it's easy to decide for yourself.

Compare the differences and decide for yourself

Fit - There is very little comparison when it comes to the fit of custom tailored shirts.  There are at least a dozen key measurements in the design of custom shirts.  We consider each of these individual measurements to ensure a comfortable and stylish fit: chest, waist, hips, yoke, tail length, waist length, right sleeve length, left sleeve length, right cuff size, left cuff size, collar size (to the quarter inch), back collar height, and front collar height.  Accurate fitting is done by a clothing professional.  By comparison, ready-made shirts are based on only two measurements; collar size (to the half inch) and sleeve length.  You're forced to settle for whatever body fit is available.

Style - Custom-made shirts are crafted in your personal choice of dozens of collar styles, pocket styles, preference of one, two or no pockets and your selection of a variety of cuff styles.  You become the designer of your own shirts and have the ultimate means of expressing your own style.  Ready-made shirts, sitting on a store shelf require settling for whatever the collar, cuff and pocket styles happen to be at the moment.

Selection - As if literally hundreds of fabrics to choose from weren't enough, consider the wonder of realizing that each and every one is available in your exact size and preferred style.  Pick one color, say solid blue, and you'll find dozens of options in that color alone.  The selection includes Sea Island broadcloths; Italian pinpoint oxfords; Swiss voiles; Jacquards and the like. There is simply no ready-made comparison with the depth, variety and overall quality of options available with custom-made shirts.

Quality - Custom shirts feature collars, cuffs and pockets all cut by hand and matched individually by hand to the shirt pattern.  Add to that complete single needle stitching, long shirttails that stay tucked in, and exceptional quality details found only on the best shirts in the world.  Ready-made shirts just don't stack up by comparison with their mass production focus on high volume rather than the more fastidious attention to detail.

Consistency and Convenience - Each custom shirt is cut to your individual pattern each time you order, assuring a reliable consistency of fit, year in and year out.  We come to you with in-office and home selection for all your shirting needs from casual weekend wear to dressy office attire.  Reorders are so easy and convenient you can actually email or phone them in!  Compare that to ready-made shirts where the fit, sizing and style of any particular shirt often changes from one season to the next, depending on the whim of the manufacturer, also the prevailing winds of fashion.  With custom-made shirts there's no more shopping around to find what you want.