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Subtle Changes in Fashion Evolution

There are subtle changes in the evolution of men's clothing affecting spring styles, As the one-button suit serves as an edgy alternative, the look for spring 2003 echoes a more inherent evolution: the two-button, high stance, modern silhouette.

The three-button suit is making room for a new transition look. The new look is a two button coat with a higher button stance. It is a bridge between a classic two-button coat and the popular three-button model. Along with these subtle changes, look for more details like side vents, cash and ticket pockets and even peak lapels instead of the traditional notch lapel shape.

The one-button peak lapel style creates a mood of relaxed comfort in clean-lined suits. These elegant suits are carefully constructed around the shoulder and finished with slender peak lapels. The chic, two-button silhouette, when combined with unconventional fabrics and and such touches as peak or updated notch lapels, is giving the suit a new kind of feel and life. It's vigorous, sexy, and emphatically not the one the boss wears. This new two-button is definitely wearable with a narrow, strong shoulder and sleek cameo. There's also a choice of side vents instead of the center vent for a subtle touch of British style.

Double-breasted suits and jackets are an important look for spring because they're instantly recognized as the traditional power suit. A well-tailored double breasted jacket simply commands respect. The classic is the six-on-two-button style with a number of lapel treatments and more classic lines. The newest model is the four-on-one-button with a slightly higher button stance. It's being shown at the top designer level.

This chic, dressed-up look is good for all ages. It's exciting to see young men have embraced the challenge to wear and enjoy suits both on and off the job. They find that custom tailoring allows them to create suits and clothing with an image that embodies their particular vision can best be described as sophisticated, elegant, powerful, and of top-notch custom quality.

Appearance Affects Self Esteem and Impression

What type of impression are you making? Is your image positive, respectable and professional? Your appearance will affect the impression you make about yourself - essentially your self-esteem, as well as the impression you make on others. Impressions of your character, ability and credibility are often formed in a matter of seconds - even just in split seconds. Such impressions, however, can have lasting affects. Choosing to dress professionally can affect your personal economic well being and your job security.

A proper wardrobe can be a critical component for your success. It is our purpose to help you define and execute your professional wardrobe for maximum advantage. We'll help you to be your best by helping you dress your best in every social, casual, and business situation.

Men are beginning to distinguish themselves from the lax attitude of the past few years and are dressing to show their seriousness We applaud and encourage the effort. The boys are definitely being separated from the men and the rising executives from the computer guys. It's back to serious business with serious clothing setting the pace. Men are more serious about life, and this is reflected in their clothes. It is particularly important in these difficult economic times that every aspect of business, including your personal appearance, reflects and ongoing commitment to your clients and your business. In fact, the economy is the first major factor affecting styles this spring. With keen competition in the workplace more men are dressing up with suits.

From the selection of your first interview suit out of college to your new suit for the next board meeting, it is our desire to assist you in improving your professional appearance in the business world. Clothes from Regan Clothiers certainly define you and your commitment to professionalism. They ought to speak of an image and lifestyle at the top of your game: elegant, wearable, individual, and serious about your business.

- Jim Regan

Being Self-Aware

The best-dressed men are those with the greatest degree of self-awareness. What you wear underlines your intention, but more importantly, it suggests who you really are underneath. It is the discerning eye of a good custom clothier that helps evaluate your style and sift through the telling details of your wardrobe so you can cloak the body to convey the greatest presence. An understanding of one's physical appearance is a prerequisite to such advantage wardrobing.

You might consider these techniques for maximizing your appearance.

Instead of the bagginess generally associated with full-cut shirts, select custom tailored shirts with a hint of taper for a sleeker look.

Widening the shoulder line of a suit coat or sport jacket can create a V-shape illusion that trims the appearance of the seat and waistline. The result makes you look like you stayed with your New Year's resolution.

Side vents can create lines that lead the eye from head to foot, creating an illusion of height. Other vertical applications, such as pinstripes and braces can add length to the body.

Fastening Your Cuffs in Style

There are two approved procedures for the fastening of shirt cuffs: the button method and the cuff-link method. For those with a fondness for the later, read on.

The nineteenth-century fashion of heavily starched cuffs necessitated the invention of cuff links - little chains and imitation buttons that linked the cuffs in lieu of real buttons. From the beginning, cuff links have been more than just functional. They've incorporated family crests, precious stones, coins, even the odd talisman.

When cuff links first became widely used they were commonly worn with business suits and with formal attire. However, with the fashion trend's detour through casual, some fashion experts suggest that cuff links may be appropriately worn with a sport jacket and even without a tie.

Cuff links were traditionally two identical pieces connected, or "linked" together by a small chain, THey were usually made of black onyx, a stone that remains a popular choice for day-wear. Wide assortments of cufflinks are available in everything from pewter, sterling silver, enamel, mother-of-pearl, and gold.

Cufflinks are a must when you wear a tuxedo, and you should wear them with matching shirt studs. Black onyx cuff links are appropriate for formal-wear and for business attire. Other stones, such as emeralds, also can be tastefully worn with black tie attire. Mother-of-pearl is a most appropriate choice for white-tie formal occasions.

Although there are no "classic" patterns or images, there are a few classic shapes of cuff links. Double-faced cuff links (links with two identical faces) are perhaps the most elegant. Chain links and double-faced links, along with links with "beans" (links with bulbous ends that are pushed through) are preferable to non-matched links, known as hinged-back (links with a bar on the inside), because the bar, rather than the decorative face, is seen on the inside of your cuff. Silk knots are acceptable, but they aren't quite as dressy as cuff links made of metal or of stones. There are also cuff links that snap together, which date back to the first decades of the last century.

Colors Bloom in Spring

Color is more important than ever for spring and summer. There are strong tones such as violet, green, and gold, which are leading the color charts. Blues and shades of blue, in a variety of stripes, checks and plaids are often paired with white and touches of orange or red.

While the trend for shirts is heading toward bright colors and patterns including stripes, checks and plaids, the classics are primarily stripes and check in shades of blue. For the look of old-school elegance, choose crisp white shirts. Embrace the return to sharp dressing and stock up on plenty of updated tailored looks.

The top choices in high fashion continue to call for the finest quality of cottons, including Egyptian cotton. Old-world craftsmanship and attention to detail prevail in your choice of custom tailored shirts.

Sport Jackets Add Touch of Luxury

Sport coats are an important component of the work wardrobe. As the dressier trend emerges, sport coats double for soft sweater jackets, shirt-jackets and even outerwear. Looks for spring are softer, lighter in weight, and are available in everything from dressier, more businesslike looks to weekend fabrics. A touch of luxury is a must.

Adding a soft wool jacket to your collection will guarantee a strong reception for many occasions. Paired with tailored trousers, sport coats and trousers become the mighty duo. Spring sport jackets fabrics feature neat pattern, textures and obvious luxury looks that fit any scene from casual to business.

There are more colors and patterns available in sports jackets than imaginable. You can select fancy weaves and subtle plaids in the traditional sense, with updated basics like herring-bones and windowpanes that fit your busy lifestyle.

Upgrading custom trousers complete the picture in basic "must have" wardrobe colors of navy, mid-gray, charcoal, black, and olive. Try a simple single-pleat trouser for a change of pace at work or for weekends. Choose other earthy colors like rust, muted olive, and brown with blue shades thrown in for good measure. We'll assist you with every detail from top to bottom.