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Powerful Blue Jackets Command Wardrobe Attention

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February 2009


Alongside the rich earth-tone colors of browns and olives in sport jackets, the blue jacket remains a perennial favorite. There is a measurable comfort, perhaps even a sense of security in the selection of a rich blue jacket. We've heard it said that in our heart of hearts, it's the navy jacket that we turn to first.

From the Navy blazer we get an authoritative, powerful feeling. It reminds us of the commander at sea or the policeman's uniform. The classic blazer, in single or double-breasted styling, has never waned in popularity. It is often a first choice for travelers as it easily coordinates with nearly any trouser color from the darkest grays to the lightest of tans.

Beyond the navy blazer awaits another blue jacket destined to be a wardrobe favorite. Consider the selection of a rich, elegant blue jacket in a subtle Glenn plaid, a delicate decoration of soft windowpane plaid, or a classic check pattern in a range of visible texture from traditional hound's-tooth to tiny tick-weave.

These blue jackets are made in the finest wools, often woven with silk for a luxurious hand and tone. While easily paired with navy or medium blue trousers, these primary blue jackets are perfect with a range of gray trousers from deep, dark charcoal to silver gray.

Q & A - Ask Jim

Question: I can wear rack size clothes in the stores with minor alterations. Do I need custom clothes?

Answer: The sliver of sleeve that peeks out from a suit coat acts as visual punctuation. It gives the arm a definite ending point and creates balance within the ensemble.

Thinking you're a perfect off-the-rack size is a common misconception. Often people don't realize how poorly an off-the-rack suit fits until you actually have one made to your individual measurements and posture. Then the difference is evident. After seeing how good they look and feel in their new clothes, many clients refuse to wear anything but custom tailored clothes. There really is no comparison.