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Dressing for Competitive Advantage

A Publication of Regan Clothiers, Ltd.
September 2009


A casual approach to business is gone. Today men are interested in looking smart, dapper and more put together than ever before. It is dressing up for competitive advantage. It is a trend that spans from the most youthful to the most mature.

Custom tailored clothing and the assistance of your professional clothier is the surest way to gain traction and accelerate your progress as you look to update your wardrobe. The successful man wants to take something that is inherently classic, like a great suit, and personalize it--to make it his own--through custom fit and styling.

While the suit is the cornerstone of this wardrobe upgrade, the addition of dressier accessories like French-cuff dress shirts, subtle yet distinctive cuff links, high-quality neckties and classic shoes supplement and complete the package.

The Great Circle


The maxim, "You only have one chance to make a positive first impression", is undoubtedly familiar to those who appreciate and have chosen to wear custom tailored clothes. You understand that you have only 4-5 seconds in which to make that critical first impression.

Focus your attention on what is known as the great circle. It is the area that encompasses your shoulder, face, shirt collar, jacket lapel, necktie and breast pocket on your suit or sport jacket. The visual impact made by keeping harmony among the elements in your great circle cannot be over emphasized. The right tie, the correct shirt collar and color, and the proper balance of scale and proportion in one's accessories can make all the difference in the world. Take care to see that people's first impression of you is a positive and lasting one. Today, no one can afford to make an impression that is anything less than the best.