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How To Pick The Perfect Suit

Buy the Best Suit You Can Afford

At Regan Clothiers, we will tell you that it is better to own one good, custom suit than two cheaper ones. Why? The suit will fit better and because of that, it will be a more enjoyable and longer wearing experience. Cloth and construction are the two most important aspects of a custom made suite. Cloth used for suits varies considerably in appearance, performance and price. Construction can range from completely hand-made to completely machine-made. While hand-made suits are by far more comfortable and supple, they come at a premium price. Almost all suits made today are primarily machine-made. Companies will offer several assortments to provide a range of options to suit your taste.

Pick a Cloth That Meets Your Requirements

Cloth requirements for a corporate businessman are totally different from the cloth requirements for a professional sportsman. If your job requires that you travel frequently, you will need a highly durable fabric such as a three season weight. Likewise, should you wear a shouldered briefcase or heavy bag every day, you will need a suit made from a more durable cloth. Keep in mind how often you will be wearing your suit. If you plan to wear it more than once a week, you will want to keep your pattern choice on the simple side. If your suit will be worn only occasionally, you may want to opt for a more dramatic print or pattern.

Proper Fit Is Important

You have chosen both the quality and cloth for your suit, now you need to make sure that the fit is correct. Proper fit is crucial to the satisfaction of your new suit and how you appear in it. Most importantly, the suit coat must fit you through your shoulders. If it fits your shoulders properly, the lines of the suit will be more flattering and you will have more freedom of movement. Correct fit of the seat and waist is crucial for both comfort and appearance of waistbands, pleats and assorted pant features. A Regan Clothiers custom-made suit will ensure superior comfort and fit.

What Style of Suit Do You Want?

You have picked out the quality, cloth and fit of your custom made suit. The final step is in deciding what style you would like? Do you want a two button jacket, side vents or a back vent, notch or peak lapels? Would you like your pants to have pleats or a flat front, cuffed bottoms or plain bottoms? All of these questions are answerable with your own personal stylist. Jim Regan will personally help you to decide these questions, while giving you the advantage of his expertise. He can help you decide these details while taking into consideration your body shape, coloring, where you’ll be wearing the suit and how formal or informal it will need to be. A Regan Clothier custom-made suit will be able to offer you a variety of styling options that cannot be matched in an off-the-rack suit.