Regan Clothiers is pleased to introduce the Victor line.  This line is for our clients who require the very best!  The Victor line offers a full hand stitched garment and is perfect for our most discerning customers. 

Suits in the line are hand cut – a master pattern is created for each client.  Jackets are made with a hand/floating body canvas, giving an easy, natural feel to the jacket.  This allows shape to be constructed into the area to either help with fit, or to enhance the figure.

All linings and buttonholes are sewn by hand – bringing the hand stitch count in each jacket alone to around 5000. The hours put into each custom garment is one of the reasons why these suits command the price you pay.

Trousers are hand finished with a metal zip fly, with hand sewn hooks and bars in the waistband and the fronts of the waistbands are stiffened – which will stop any rolling.

All trimmings are the best possible quality available.  This includes linings, canvases, buttons and pocketing’s.  The buttons will be constructed of either real horn, mother of pearl, silk or soft cloth to match.  Silk thread will be used to shape and make all buttonholes. 

Pairing the very best construction available with the best fabrics which include Zegna, Dormeil, Barberis, and loro Piana will ensure that even our most discerning customers will take home a suit they will love.

If you want the very best, ask us about Victor today.