Loro Piana


In Italian, Tasmanian® has become a synonym of "light wool fabric" (it says so in the dictionary).

This extraordinary worsted fabric takes its name from the island of Tasmania, south of Australia, because it was originally made using only the merino wools coming from its uncontaminated lands.

Inspired by Priest Cloth®, a lightweight fabric that Loro Piana produced especially for ecclesiastical garments, Tasmanian® was created in the 1960s in response to the growing need for new and modern clothing that was light, versatile, crease-resistant, and creaseproof, and particularly suited for air-conditioned environments.

Tasmanian® is now produced using the most select wools from Australia, the ideal habitat for the merino sheep whose fleece consists of extremely fine fibres which, when worked using the most advanced spinning techniques, give to the fabric's unique characteristics of transpiration, thermal insulation, resistance, lightness and comfort.

At 250 grams per metre, Tasmanian® (which is also available in the versions Summer Tasmanian® and Winter Tasmanian®) offers the lightest possible fabric for dressing elegancy in every season of the year.


Bright, flexible and strong. These are the characteristics of Zelander®, a family of fabrics designed for cool and lightweight suits that are a pleasure to touch.

They are made using seect, exceptionally white and clean New Zealand merino wool, characterised by the length of its fibres and greater resistance to wear.

Making use of exclusive spinning and weaving techniques, Loro Piana has further enhanced the distinctive properties of this fibre by interpreting it in a range of modern, dynamic and highly wearable fabrics. These natural fabrics have been designed to make tailored clothing, jackets, topcoats and lightweight outerwear for people who appreciate not only impeccable clothing, made of practical and functional high-performance fabrics.

Loro Piana "The Wave"®

The use of the latest production processes maximises the intrinsic properties of the most select traditional textile fibres such as wool and silk to create Loro Piana "The Wave"® fabrics, made using a highly twisted 3-ply yarn in which two threads of extraline Super 150 merino wool are combined with a filament of silk 600: the finest yarn in the world (1 kg would cover more than 570 km). This makes the fabric more resistant, stable and capable of allowing the body to breathe. Shiny in appearance, silky to the touch, comfortable and extremely versatile, Loro Piana "The Wave"® fabrics can be interpreted in an wide range of garments, from formal suits (which require as much as 80 km of yarn) to blazers, evening gowns, designed for traveling men and women who demand practical but impeccable clothing for every occasion and at every latitude.

Loro Piana "The Wave"® is available at Loro Piana shops and the most exclusive ateliers.


Wish® is an elegant, refined fabric created from the best Super 170's Australian merino wool of a fineness that never exceeds 15 micron.

Exceptionally soft, it is lightweight with a flowing hand, perfect for tailored formal suits that drape beautifully. Further, with a weight of 260 gr/mt, Wish® is a perfect year-round fabric that accentuates the uniqueness and inimitable qualities of merino wool.

Cashmere Wish®

Cashmere Wish® is a fabric created from a combination of the finest cashmere yarn with Super 170's merino wool.

The heterogeneous nature of each - the softness of woolen and strength of worsted, along with special spinning and weaving techniques, gives Cashmere Wish® a knitted effect that results in an extraordinary soft and embracing hand to the final fabric.

These performance characteristics make it ideal for both elegant and informal jackets where the beauty of the fabric is artfully combined with the comfort of a knitted garment.

Record Bale

As unique and precious as jewels, Record Bale fabrics represent the best of the world's production of select wools.

Every year, Loro Piana buys the "Record Bales" of the year (the bale of the finest and best quality wool) in Australia and New Zealand, the countries that have historically produced the most select wools. In many cases, these bales have also established absolute records and are therefore known as "World Record Bales".

Loro Piana has bought the Australian and New* Zealand Record Bales since 1997.

Each bale is enough to produce only a few dozen lengths of suiting fabric, which are offered in exclusive colours and designs, and distinguished by the special selvedge and label certifying the year of shearing and the origin and the fineness of the fibre.

Loro Piana ensures that the purchasers of a Record Bale length have precedence in buying subsequent lengths which are only produced when the company acquires even finer bales on the market - in order to guarantee its customers the possibility of collecting the entire range of record suits year after year.

With the aim of encouraging and guaranteeing the production of increasingly higher quality wool, Loro Piana awards an annual prize to the breeder who produces the finest bale in Australia and the breeder who produces the finest bale in New Zealand. The company then assigns the "World Wool Record Challenge Cup" to the one who has obtained the finest fibre of the two.

The record is currently held by the Australian farm Highlander, with a bale of 11.4 micron.


The idea behind the Zenit Collection came from a record: the excellence of the raw materials selected and purchased by Loro Piana directly in their countries of origin, typically rugged and inaccessible regions that produce, conversely, exceptionally fine and soft fibres.

These extraordinary fibres are then used to create a strictly limited series of absolutely unique fabrics produced using the most outstanding raw materials and designed to be worn and collected: Vicuna, Loro Piana Baby Cashmere®. Top Line 1-PP.

Vicuna: The finest fabrics for suits, jackets and overcoats obtained using the finest and most select fibre in the world.

Some of Loro Piana's iconic garments arc made using Vicuna Storm System®, a treatment that renders the fabric waterproof and wind resistant, thus guaranteeing the same performance as that offered by a more technical fabric.

Loro Piana Baby Cashmere®:Made using the rarest and most prccious cashmcrc, Loro Piana Baby Cashmere® fabrics for suits or outerwear are available in carded or combed versions that provide a perfect combination of lightness and warmth.

Top Linc-IPP:The finest Australian and New Zealand merino wools that represent the best of each shearing season. Only a few dozen of the five million bales auctioned every year can be classified and marked "plus plus" because of their exceptional quality, and Loro Piana interprets them in a line of rare and precious fabrics.

Some extra-fine wools reach absolute records of fineness - that have already broken the 12-micron mark and are therefore called Rccord Bales: i.e. the finest ever produced in Australia and New Zealand.

For more than 20 years, Loro Piana has regularly assured acquisition of these exceptional wools, which it uses to make a highly limited series of unique fabrics: the Record Bale collection, the best of the world's production of the finest wools.

The fabrics in the Zenit Collection arc available at the Loro Piana stores that offer the made-to-measure service, and at a selected number of prestigious shops and tailors throughout the world.

Storm System®

Storm System® is the registered Loro Piana mark indicating natural fabrics that have been made totally waterproof and wind resistant by combining natural fibres with the most advanced technology in a perfect synthesis of style and function.

Storm System® consists of a double barrier: the water-repellent Rain System®, and the exclusive hydrophilic membrane that is resistant to water, windproof and allows the skin to breathe. Rain System® treatment ensures that drops of water slide on the surface of the fabric, enhancing its impermeability and protecting it against dust, dirt and liquid stains. The thin and extremely light micromolecular and microporous absorbent membrane is applied to the back of the fabric. Exploiting the principle of osmosis, the aqueous vapour produced by perspiration wicked outwards while humidity' in the surrounding environment is prevented from entering: this guarantees absolute transpirability and provides optimal wind protection.

Storm System® provides the wearer with clothing that is warm but light, versatile and comfortable, and suitable for confronting the most different climates with style and grace: windcheaters, casual jackets and overcoats designed to be worn in the city, during leisure moments, and when travelling, and made using the noblest fibres that have been made waterproof and wind resistant without losing any of their distinctive softness, in a perfect combination of select quality and practicality.