Composition: Wool Super 130's
Weight: 230 GR / 7,5 OZ

Bunch N° : 102. Aquaplan means perpetual elegance. This fabric has all the qualities Dormeuil expertise bestows on a pure combed super 130’s merino wool: softness, lightness, comfort and an immaculate line… Plus Dormeuil’s astonishing performance that ensures Aquaplan protects against the rigours of everyday life. A high-technology finish renders the fabric totally smooth. It breathes but does not absorb water which simply “rolls” over the surface. Aquaplan has been designed for the modern man looking for high performance and efficiency, naturally choosing luxury with Dormeuil. For Aquaplan, Dormeuil has created a wide variety of designs, from the very traditional to the most innovative. These creations are very stylish, in the true Dormeuil spirit.


Composition: Wool Super 160's & Jade
Weight: 240 GR / 8 OZ

Bunch N° : 104. The pace of life in the archipelago of New Zealand and on its South Island is set by the flocks who produce one of the world’s most beautiful wools. It is here that Jade was born, the result of an extraordinary marriage between an incredibly fine fibre and a gemstone that has been revered for 7,000 years. Drawing from the rich expertise it has acquired over the last 168 years, Dormeuil once again demonstrates its brilliance. Two years of research went into this unusual marriage between wool and stone. Available in deep colours, Jade is nothing more than charming and fascinating. Echoes the clarity of New Zealand’s landscapes, while poignant details help express its rarity. Just like the sparkling reflections of the gemstone, Jade has the power to hypnotise. Jade, the talisman fabric.

Pashmina® and Silk

Composition: Pashmina & Silk
Weight: 230 GR / 7,5 OZ

Bunch N° : 103. This new version of Pashmina® and Silk will delight all who love beautiful fabric. Dormeuil has obtained the best from silk in this fabric with elegant shine and astonishing softness. The secret is the ideally proportioned 50:50 blend of silk with pashmina goat wool, one of the softest yarns in the world. Extremely refined summer elegance. A collection of innovative and modern designs with astonishing and original weave effects providing relief and playing skilfully with the light. Once again, a complete expression of Dormeuil’s extensive expertise.

Amadeus 365

Composition: Pure wool
Weight: 260 GR / 8,5 OZ

Bunch N° : 101. Dormeuil is continuously innovating to offer you the very best and you will be surprised by its latest creation: Amadeus 365, a light and timeless suiting fabric, ideal for every season. The secret of this new must-have from Dormeuil is an innovative compact thread making for an extremely precise weaving process. A comfortable suit with a perfect and modern line, already an essential to every man’s wardrobe. Amadeus 365: a suit to wear 365 days a year.

Plains and Gabardines

Composition: Various Qualities
Weight: 230 to 350 GR / 7.5 to 11.5 OZ

Bunch N° : 105. Plain fabric is a safe bet for men’s wardrobes. With this collection, Dormeuil offers a very wide range of colours in different weave qualities in pure brushed wool for gabardine Super 140s and blended with silk to provide a touch of brilliant light. The woven yarn gives the jackets a wonderful silver tint. For this season: 55 colours, a warm and bright world where everyone can express their personality with impeccable taste. Pastel colours with hints of violet and also shades of beige and taupe rub shoulders with the more traditional colours: grey, navy and ivory. Plain in all its forms, these even nobler fabrics are perfect for an elegance that surprises.


Composition: Cashmere, Silk & Linen
Weight: 280 to 350 GR / 9 to 11,5 OZ

Bunch N° : 106. Dormeuil presents its latest version of Dream for all who dream of a buoyant flowing jacket in a fabric that subtly plays with the light. A blend of two very noble fibres, cashmere and silk, give this woven jacket an infinite softness and a very casual look. The new silk, cashmere and linen mix with daring colours is perfect for the lightest of summer jackets with exceptional shine. For an eternally refined look and true British elegance. Dormeuil: great savoir-faire and a touch of magic!